Secção de Parapente

Paragliding Courses - Description

parapente-cursosThe practice of this sport does not require that the practitioner has any prior experience. Because it is an air sport, mental dexterity of the practitioner is very important, given that decision-making, good sense, discipline, and self-help capacity. Paragliding course consists of a theoretical and a practical component. The practice starts with basic training on the ground, so that students learn various techniques of control and of a set of procedures. At this stage are carried out flights in Wing two-seat with the student. With the development and mastery of various techniques, the first flights of the hillside with gaps of no more than 50 mts, under the supervision of the Instructor and radio communication aid, until the student earn trust and has a continuous progression in all aspects of the flight, evolving safely to their autonomy as a pilot.The theoretical component provided includes: basic principles of aerodynamics, meteor
parapente-cursosology/aerologia, Paragliders/equipment, Profile and factors of the pilot, aeronautical Law, first aid, rules and regulations, radio communications. As for the physical performances of the practitioner, it doesn't have to be someone physically gifted by the effect any exercising that although hearty and very important, is not mandatory. The flight is always the culmination of an adventure of the spirit, though free, obeys the rules. Respect, combined with a real willingness to learn, taking instructions and teachings of our instructors/leaders of more experienced Riders, are important conditions on formation of a Paraglider pilot. The duration of the course depends not only on the availability/attendance of the student, as well as meteorology, in the context of practical classes. The course culminates with a test of theoretical nature of matter learned, overseen by an examiner of the FPVL (Federação Portuguesa de parapente-cursosVoo Livre) and another practical flight. The student successfully completed the successive steps. Becomes Autonomous Pilot, without ever forgetting that flying is a continuous learning Act. Flying is, a discovery, a sharing of smiles with our friends. Only few are feeling the dare defy gravity to play happily in heaven, not the courage or guts, but by the will that drives us to be free.

Why learn to fly with us..

parapente-cursosWe were pioneers in the development of flight activities in Madeira and founding partner of FPVL (Federação Portuguesa de Voo Livre). We have own facilities with certified School (FPVL), and we have a team of Instructors and monitors qualified with a long experience. We are responsible for the formation of the vast majority of paragliding pilots in the region since 1990, year in which emerges the paraglider on Madeira. Our students benefit from a learning based on high safety standards. Still benefit from a vast number of duly approved equipment and all the teaching materials, and instruction Manual. All the theoretical component is taught in our classroom with audiovisual equipment for this purpose, thus making the whole process easy and enjoyable learning of our students.

parapente-cursosThe challenge is launched.
We will be delighted to share with you this new challenge that many call the oldest dream of mankind. Flying.

Make your dream come true.
Come fly with us.Vem voar connosco.