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Paragliding Section


Who are we

Paragliding, such as sports and leisure aviation activity, is integrated in the Aeroclube of Madeira with appropriate department. It is responsible for training, promotion and dissemination of Paragliding Flights. We have a certified School recognized by FPVL (Federação Portuguesa de Voo Livre), which we are founding members. In addition to the Organization of events such as the Rally’s of Paragliding and hang gliding, known beyond borders. We collaborate with Public/private institutions in the autonomous region of Madeira, Schools, local authorities and tourism, either through exhibitions, and conferences. As a non-profit public institution that we are, we keep our activity thanks to the support of our associated pilot members, with Paragliding courses and donations. Cause of our long aerial experience and once we were the precursors of the Free Flight activities in the region, we are tasked with officially INAC (Instituto Nacional de Aviação Civil), to make information and airspace reservation on the Island of Porto Santo.


parapenteThe Madeira Archipelago/Portugal consists of the islands of Madeira, Porto Santo, Desertas and Selvagens. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean, between Parallels 32º 22 20 ´ ´ ´ N and 33 7 ´ 50 ´ ´ having a Longitude between 16 16 30 ´ ´ ´° W and 17° 16 38 ´ ´ ´ W, 980 Km from Lisbon, 800 Miles of the West coast of Africa, 880 Km from the Azores and 5000 miles from New York. Part of Macaronesia, is known across borders, as the Pearl of the Atlantic. Presents an enormous wealth of natural beauty, including several protected reserves, ideal for nature lovers and adventure sports.


Thanks to its geographical position, offers a mild climate during almost all the Year. Temperatures vary between 17° in winter and the 28* in the summer. Except rare exceptions, it is considered a charming destination all the year.


parapenteMadeira brings together a set of attractive ideal for the practice of free flight. Surprising for its natural beauties. The mountains and valleys provide images that delight  all paragliding pilots visit us The know receive rooted in Madeira’s culture. The traditions, the gastronomy, the adventures, will be forever in your memory. The conviviality between pilots, the sharing of experiences, the good disposition, provide you something unforgettable. The experience of our  pilots, help you in finding  good and nice constant flights.

The practice of Free flight activity, paragliding, or hang gliding, fit perfectly in adventure sports. However some consider as an extreme sport, with some reason, if we take into account the acrobatic maneuvers. Paragliding pilot, needs to be able to command this fabulous Aircraft, is within reach of a large majority of people, for being extremely easy to fly. Paragliding flight is the air mode within the free flight, the one that has the greatest number of practitioners around the world. qqqHis practice involves having: wing, Harness, helmet and appropriate footwear (boots), that in the initial phase. Subsequently it is advisable to fly with a reserve Parachute, a Variometer and GPS, required in competition. There are different Paragliding manufacturers around the world; however it is in Europe that focus to the greatest number of practitioners and manufacturers of equipment. The piloting of a Paraglider wing is made using two commands (Dir) and (left), the pilot has in its hands and that allows running the trajectory, accelerating and breaking. Possess a Accelerator system which we call Speed System, installed under the the Harness, which once pressed with the feet increases significantly the speed in flight. A wing speeds vary between 17 km (min) and the 70 km (max).The duration of flight depends largely on weather conditions. Theoretically we could fly from Sunrise until Sunset, the night flight as flying in clouds is forbidden. Paragliding flight activity is properly regulated, by national and international rules. There are Wings certified with proper approval, for different levels pilots’ experience. On the flight, we consider the altitude as security. There are several places in the world where in flight is possible to reach the 4,000 mt altitude or more. A factor to be taken in consideration is the hypoxic (low-Oxygen), resulting in an increase of altitude.

Fly comfortably sitting and sharing the flight with the company of our Mantas, (Local Eagles) it’s always something magic.