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Tandem Flights

Realize your dream. Fly Like an Eagleparapente-voos-bilugar

Individual and group rates are available!


We offer tandem Paragliding adventures and Instruction in Madeira to local, and international tourists.
Daily flights throughout Rochão ( SW ) , Canhas ( SW ), Madalena do Mar and Funchal ( S ), are available.
Transportation provided upon request.


Make a reservation with a FPVL ( PORTUGUESE HANGLIDING AND PARAGLIDING FEDERATION ) CERTIFIED tandem Paragliding Instructor today.

Juste dare and do it !
Cell: 00 351 969358947
Gabe Branco
Flight Instructor


You are standing on a rounded hilltop and in front of you is the spectacular view of Arco da Calheta and. Madalena do Mar escarpment. Local eagles gracefully glides by lifted gently by the smooth thermal.

parapente-voos-bilugarThe flight starts with a ground lesson where you participate in assembling the equipment and we prepare you for your involvement in the flight. This helps with any apprehension that one may naturally have and a great learning experience at the same time.

We are airborne for 10 to 20 minutes soaring along the spectacular escarpment and land on the beach at Madalena do Mar. You are flying in the safety of your Instructor so this is ideal for someone who has not been Paragliding before.

Paragliding Beatriz Madeira Island 013 0001


So if you are looking for a gift with that little bit of, excitement or would like to treat yourself and your friends to an experience of a lifetime, this is the right moment.
Come and fly with us...make your dream come true

Please be note: The sport of paragliding is very weather dependant. Our number one priority is passenger safety and
therefore flights will be postponed and rescheduled if weather conditions are not suitable. The motion of a
Paraglider in the air has been known to affect persons susceptible to motion sickness. If you do suffer from motion sickness, it is advisable to take medication prior to your flight.
No alcohol/ drugs for eight hours prior to the flight. Due to the foot launching and landing techniques employed in
paragliding, the passenger plays a major role in assisting the pilot to execute a successful flight. For this reason, it is important that the passenger is not affected by alcohol or other drugs.
The pilot retains the right to refuse carriage of any passenger deemed affected by alcohol or other drugs.
Our flights are scheduled for approximately 25 minutes,
however weather conditions sometimes reduce this time. No credits are available for short flights

We wish you a good flight