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Porto Santo Procedures

Porto Santo


The island of Porto Santo has a reduced area (42 km2) with 11 miles long by 6 miles wide. Is at a distance of 83.5 Km from Funchal.

GPS coordinates: Longitude: 33o06 ' 03 Latitude:-1.9 ' 33

Launch spots:

  • Pico das Flores: take- (E/SE)
  • Portela: S and SW


The island of Porto Santo has an airport that in addition to the civil aviation operations is both Military Airfield. The CTR, ( 5 miles radius ) covers the whole Island. Paragliding activity requires specific procedure. Aeroclube of Madeira is in charge officially with the INAC (Instituto Nacional de Aviação Civil) of making the reservation of space for free flight activities.



Photo: Benjamim Pereira


It is strictly prohibited any flight activity (hang gliding/Paragliding), without proper authorization.

Procedures to flight in Porto Santo

  1. Check always the NOTAM before fly
  2. Pilots ( Paraglider/ Hanglider) should fly with rádio UHF/VHF
  3. Before the flight, contact the Tower on freq………………..or Phone…………… order to inform that you’ll start the flight.
  4. Maintain the radio on standby.
  5. Always inform the tower (Ctr) when you finish the flights (end of activity)

Nota: Scrupulously follow the instructions of the controller. Establish clear and objective communication. At the end of the activity, do not forget to thank the Service Controller, for their invaluable collaboration,  it assured our and the others safety.

We wish you Good Flights